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West Virginia Real Estate License

West Virginia Real Estate Licence

West Virginia Real Estate License

Looking to get a real estate license in West Virginia ? Use this handy walkthrough to guide you through the steps of acquiring West Virginia Real Estate License    :

The criteria to meet when taking education from a pre approved provider is as follows:

To become a West Virginia real estate agent and broker.

    • You MUST complete 90 hours of education in order to apply to test for West Virginia  Real Estate License:
      • 30 clock hours – Real Estate Principles and Practice
      • 20 clock hours – Real Estate Law
      • 20 clock hours – Real Estate Finance
      • 20 clock hours – Real Estate Appraisal

        WV Real Estate License

        How to get your WV Real Estate License

    • If we are talking about a broker applicant the additional ninety hour course prescribed for applicants for a broker’s license shall also consist of the same hours in each subject area but shall consist of more in-depth coverage in each subject area.   You must ALSO have been a West Virginia  Real Estate Licensed salesperson BEFORE applying to be a broker. Meaning, you can’t just captain the ship without first earning your way through the grunt work first.


  • The grading scale for all course providers offering mandatory pre-license real estate education shall be:
A = 95% – 100% D = 71% – 74%
B = 86% – 94% F = 00% – 70%
C = 75% – 85%


  • In order to sit for the real estate examination, the applicant must have earned a grade of A, B or C in each subject area.See complete West Virginia Real Estate Commission information.

Virginia Real Estate License

Now, how exactly do you gain 30 clock hours of Real Estate Principles and Practice, etc as the above list specifies? Does this mean you can you tube search the keywords “Real Estate Principles and Practice” and watch 30 hours of it? Does it mean you can call your West Virginia  Real Estate License buddy and ride around in their car and listen to real estate stories for 30 hours and have them sign an affidavit saying that you can test? Well, no. In fact, you can’t even just buy a text book and study on your own. You HAVE to go through a pre approved provider of real estate education that has been deemed by the state of West Virginia to be a suitable provider. In West Virginia there are a handful of providers but looking over pass rates in the state it’s easy to see that there is a real estate school that stands above the rest for the sheer amount of people that take their classes and then fulfill their goal and become real estate agents, and that school is Spruce School of Real Estate.

I’m not saying that you have to pick them, there are a handful of alternatives, but honestly if I was going to spend a month studying and an investment of my hard earned finances, I would want to use the resources that guarantee I get what I intended to get which is a West Virginia Real Estate License. Spruce School of Real Estate has the highest pass rates in the state of West Virginia, proven for over twenty years.